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Visiting Faith Baptist Church

Will you come to church with me?


First time at Faith Baptist Church?

Or maybe you've been a few times but it's been a while?


Plan Your Visit now and we will:


✔   reserve a parking spot for you


✔   meet you at the front door


✔   introduce you to some great people

✔  have some coffee ready for you


✔   help you get your kids checked in (if you have any)



Plan Your Visit now and we will treat you like family from the moment you step foot into our church...


Adult and Kids Sunday School Classes
Sundays at 10am

Church Services
Sundays @ 11am and 6pm
Wednesdays @ 7pm


What can I expect in a church service?

Each of our services typically lasts

approximately one hour and includes:


  • Congregational singing of traditional hymns 

  • Special music from our choir and singing groups

  • A Biblical sermon to challenge and encourage you

  • An opportunity to speak with a church counselor for further discussions or to express your commitment to Jesus as your Savior.


What should I wear?

There's no dress code for members or guests but many of our church family dress in more traditional “Sunday” attire. 

How long are your services?

Each service is typically one hour in length.

Which Bible version do you use?

We use the King James Version Bible.

Am I expected to give in the offering?

No. Please don't feel any obligation to participate in the offering as a guest. We want our service to be a gift to you.

What does your church believe?

We believe that faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved, and the Bible guides us and helps us live a life that honors God through faith and obedience.

Welcome to Faith Baptist.
We can't wait to meet you.

When you plan your visit to Faith Baptist Church, we will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

What People Have Said...


"Love being a part of this church! Wonderful spirit and very friendly people. Sunday services for each age group as well as different activities and fellowships throughout the month. Bible sermons are the emphasis of this church. I am thankful for Faith Baptist Church and all it does in our community to further the gospel of Christ. It's a great church to call mine."


"Good Bible believing church with Godly standard.
A great place to hear the truth according to the Bible. Lots of kids with a good mix of people. A church with a heart to reach people for Jesus."


"My family recently moved to Carlsbad and we visited a few churches. On our first visit to Faith Baptist, everyone was so sweet and loving, we knew this church was for us. Pastor Carlson’s preaching is enlightening, encouraging and insightful. The best part of attending is that our son enjoys the teen Sunday school youth group."

Pastor Clay Carlson

Hello! I am Pastor Clay Carlson and I want to invite you to accept the incredible gift of Jesus Christ, who loves you deeply and offers eternal life to you. Our sin condemns us to an eternal Hell. But through His death and resurrection, Jesus displayed the ultimate sacrifice, His power over death, and now extends His gift of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life to all who believe in Him.

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

At Faith Baptist Church, we strive to help you discover your God-given purpose for your life. Whether you're seeking direction or simply don't know where to begin, we're here to show you from God's Word, the Bible, how to live a victorious Christian life. 

Join us in accepting the gift of Jesus Christ, and experience the joy of serving Him while discovering your true God-given identity at Faith Baptist Church. Myself, my wife Abbi, and our church can't wait to meet you!


Do This for Your Family

Loving Life

The Love of Christ

Having family drama and disagreements can make being part of a family feel like a struggle. But don't lose hope, your family is worth the effort. Find out the best thing you can do for them now!

Discover true joy and learn to love life again by exploring what the Bible says about loving your life!

Discover the true meaning of love with us! Let's explore the amazing story of Christ's love and how it impacts our lives.

We want to meet you!


It's ok if you have a past! (We all do!)

We just want to help you find and follow Jesus!


Your kids are going to love it here...

Our Kids Church Has:

 Fun Services

Engaging Music

Age-Appropriate Bible Lessons


✔ Free Candy

Earn BibleBucks to spend at the KidsStore


Just click on the button below to Plan Your Visit and we'll set everything up...

Our Vision

We want to help you find & follow Jesus.


Then let's work together to make heaven crowded!

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