Can Jesus Change Your Life?

Yes, He Can.

Short Films 
that Show Real Change in Real people. ⤵️

"Liberty in Jesus" is a powerful short film about a couple's transformation through faith in Jesus. Eric and Jennifer overcame addiction among other bondages; a testimony of how Jesus can change anyone. Their story is a beacon of encouragement for those battling bondage to addiction and sin.
"40 Years of Prayer" is all about a couple's incredible journey of finding faith. Hazel's been a believer since she was young, but David? Not so much. That is, until one day, he stumbles upon something that flips his world upside down in the best way.
Cali's early life was a struggle, grappling with a hard childhood and her own lack of faith. A life-threatening incident during her daughter's birth, coupled with her husband's prayers, marked a turning point. Embracing faith in Jesus, she found true happiness.

About the Series

The goal of this series is to document the real life change of members at Faith Baptist Church whose lives have been transformed when they met Jesus. It's all about real people, real change, and the incredible impact of Jesus.

After each film, Pastor Clay will pair the stories with Bible messages, sharing truths that reveal how you can also find a life transformed through Jesus.

Join us to discover Your Own Story of Change!